Derryl Gabel: new instructional DVD and quality web cam lessons

Derryl Gabel says:
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am working on a new instructional DVD for you. The title as of now is "Super Sonic Sweeping". In this DVD I will be sharing with you new and exciting ways to use economy and sweep picking ideas with sequencing scales, hybrids, triads, and arpeggios. I will also cover ways to practice these to help you infuse them into your playing and glide effortlessly all over the neck.

If you are interested in a video lesson covering a particular idea let me know. The lesson will be down-loadable along with the backing track and transcription file. Click here for an example and a sneak peak of the new DVD

Derryl Gabel: "Super Sonic Sweeping" ( PDF transcription file )

For those of you out there that would like a one on one personalized web cam guitar lesson I am excepting more students at this time. My rate is $20 a half hour. Besides the web cam lesson you will get the backing track (if applicable) and transcription file of the material covered. Are you struggling with your practice routine? Does it seem that you are in a rut and aren't progressing? Allow me to be your Guitar Trainer and Coach!

Anyone interested in buying my Visions and Dreams CD please buy it here. If you buy it anywhere else I don't receive anything. I can even sign it if you like. MP3 downloads are also available including backing tracks. Just got the the "Merch" page of my site to order.

Just lowered the prices on my DVDs and Guitar Technique Book for a limited time. Offer ends March 1st, 2010.

I want to thank everyone who participated in submitting a review / testimony about my products. I am very grateful and inspired by all of your comments. If you would like to read what others have posted just go to the DVDs or Reviews page of my site.

Some cool options:

The Ultimate Fusion 8 Pack DVD Set with Guitar Book
Visions And Dreams CD
Visions And Dreams MP3 Album
Visions And Dreams Backing Tracks MP3 Album
Giant Steps CD
Backing Tracks mp3s and Band In A Box files
Cool Legato Phases Instructional DVD
Cool Legato Phases Part 2 Instructional DVD
Pentatonic Passages Instructional DVD
Outside Secrets Instructional DVD
Outside Secrets Part 2 Instructional DVD
Creative Tapping Techniques Instructional DVD
Creative Tapping Techniques Instructional Blu-ray
Chordal Mysteries Revealed Instructional DVD
Visions And Dreams DVD with transcritptions
The Derryl Gabel Guitar Technique Book (PDF and PowerTab)
Webcam Personal Guitar Lesson(Price Per 30 Minutes)
Five Minute Guitar DL video with full transcriptions and backing tracks
One Hour Guitar DVD with full transcriptions and backing tracks
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