Roy Burns: Paul Gilbert... Get Out Of my Yard... Opus 4?

This is a must see version of the Paul Gilbert's classic track... now turned classical on the piano... amazing job!

Roy Burns:
Get Out Of My Yard is a great track from the master guitar player Paul Gilbert, check out the original.

I learned this from all the tabs floating around the internet, Paul played it on a 3 string guitar with each string tuned an octave apart. 3 E strings. I applied the same unorthodox techniques in my playing. I have very poor technique technically, but sometimes it allows me to play and think outside the box musically.

I arranged it in a very Danny Elfman/Muse like way. I hope you like it. I didn't love the sound of it up to speed (120 bpm) so I did this version at 100 bpm.... but because this is YouTube and everyone is only impressed with shredding and speed I managed to crank out a solo bit at 120 bpm, I can probably play it even faster but not without more mistakes.

Get Out Of My Yard (Paul Gilbert) Orchestral Redux and Solo Piano


  1. that's me! I haven't gotten many views or much attention, but the majority of it has come from here.


  2. cool it's a seriously great interpretation


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