Chris Cab: TRex Milan Polak Strings on fire 2 competition

hi mi name is chris and this my entry for the strings of fire 2 competition

this is the first time i do something like this so we'll see what happens heehhe

i know the whole video sound is not the best but right now i can't get any better so be forgiving! :-\

if you like this video please press the button with the thumbs up! you never know if that will help the judges decision!!

if i get any lucky maybe i got a chance at this so whish me luck!

gear: boss gt-6, crate powerblock, behringer bg412h and my ltd - m 50 lefty w/ dimarzio pickups(bridge - tone zone, neck - fred)

Strings of fire 2 competition entry - Chris Cab

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010