Hedras Ramos: to play as support for Guns and Roses in Guatamala

Hedras will open for Guns N' Roses next Tuesday 8PM Estadio del Ejercito in Guatemala City. Hedras is also working full time on a new release. I have heard some demo tracks that sound excellent.

GNR current line up

Current members
Axl Rose - lead vocals, piano (1985-present)
Dizzy Reed - keyboards, piano, synthesizer, backing vocals (1990-present)
Tommy Stinson - bass guitar, backing vocals (1998-present)
Chris Pitman - keyboards, programming, electronics, backing vocals (1998-present)
Richard Fortus - rhythm guitar (2002-present)
Frank Ferrer - drums, percussion(2006-present)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - lead guitar (2006-present)
DJ Ashba - lead guitar (2009-present)


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