Milan Polak: TRex Strings On Fire 2 WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Milan Polak:
in collaboration with T-Rex Effects. Purchase "No God" on iTunes:

The TOP 3:
1st Jor Kokiat:
2nd dhalif:
3rd Thiago Trinsi:

Milan Polak:
Julian Puttins:
Laurie Monk:
Ricardo Walls:
T-Rex Effects:

Thx again to everyone who participated and made this a great competition - you all rock!!! Special thanks to T-Rex and Julian Puttins for their support & help!
Next competition coming soon... 

"Strings On Fire 2" with Milan Polak - TOP 3 picks

I would like to thank Milan Polak for the idea for this competition and TRex pedals, via Torsten Cubel for going that extra mile and working with us to deliver such a great competition with awesome prizes for TRex pedals. Also Petruccifever, aka Julian "Ridley Scott" Puttins for video work and the super judge and funny guy Riccardo Walls for digging deep when it came to decision time! I really want to thank all of you, the guitar players who make this thing happen and like Milan... I'd love to have 20 prizes or so.