Kaine: Catalyst

Kaine was born Konstantinos Doukopoulos on April 2, 1982 in Thessaloniki, Hellas. His first contact with music was at the age of 5, when he took piano lessons for two years. At the age of 16 he decided to start classical guitar lessons but after one and a half year he bough an electric one and continued to learn the instrument self-taught. During the following years Kaine gave several live performances both as a member of the band "Mordant" and as a guest guitarist with other bands. His growing reputation and performance on the instrument invited the attention of the music R&D group "Future Technology presents" and Kaine collaborated with them and "Telegun" amplification on hardware music products. At the same time, besides working on instrumental material, Kaine was searching for members to form a new band but was unsuccessful at finding serious and dedicated enough musicians for the task. Having enough of the non-existing music scene in his country, Kaine relocated to Stockholm, Sweden. Nowadays he is preparing his debut instrumental material.

Kaine's approach and performance on the instrument has been described as unconventional, uncompromising and previously unheard of. One has even stated
that he is re-defining virtuosity. "I won't deny that hearing a good word now and
then is an ego boost and that sometimes an artist needs that. But all that really
matters to me is to be able to express myself and apparently, this level of technique
or skill is needed to play the music I have in me. So what? Rocknroll!" is Kaine's
response to such praise. more: http://www.kaine-sgm.com/

Kaine - Catalyst


  1. rock on BRO !!!!!

  2. betcha can't play this!!
    and I bet all my money..

  3. whoa!! impressive!!

  4. that's what I call "breaking the strings"!
    Bring it on,dude!
    ROKK ON!


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