Muris Varajic: MK guitars interview

Interviewee turns interviewer for live4guitar as Muris Varajic interviews Mirza from MK guitars:
This is not a full time job for you, is it? When do you find the time?

Well, all my free time I spend in the workshop. I still call it a hobby, because I do it for other reasons than money. If I could afford it, this is the only thing I would be doing, and I hope, one day, it will be. Building guitars will always be more than a job specially for all the contacts and friendships that I forged over the years with people who play my instruments. That is priceless.

Give us some names.

I’m very happy that you play my guitar, Muris. I hope it serves you well. Bata Kostic from Yu Grupa has one, and I’m also working on a guitar for Vlatko Stefanovski. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted on the internet a guy called Chris Evans from Kent, England playing one of my guitars. There is a host of young upcoming players that come to me and I’m so glad to be a part of their development. full interview