Guglielmo Malusardi: the Shred Baron thanks the Milan Guitar Day 6 community

Guglielmo Malusardi:
Another great day of music, it became part of the book of emotions in my life. I want to thank you for this first and foremost, my traveling companion music, the man who five years ago, June 19, 2005, has converted my (and Maurizio De Martino) utopian vision into reality: Maximum "Flash" Sangiorgi. MKM, the profession ... breath and courtesy of Roberto Ferrari, Luca Mezzadri and Italo Iovane.

Mogar Music, in the person of Stefano "Sebo" Xotta, wonderful example of being human.

MMI, represented on stage and off the president Alex "Don Alejandro" Stornello, our fellow adventures for years, even evening edition (Guitar Night) and his brother Luke (thanks for all the laughter).
Alexander, Gianluca and Danilo, the "holy trinity" of Moonhouse, for having fulfilled to the extent possible and even beyond, every single need of the organizers, sponsors, musicians and audience!

The musicians of the Sixth Edition: Michael Angelo Batio, Angels & Demons (Alex Stornello, George and Paul Caridi Terenziani), Daniele Gottardo, Euro Groove Department (Gregolin Daniele, Luca and Marco Scansani Maggiore), Andrea Martongelli, Luciano Zadro (s Andrea Lombardini bass), Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro and Ignazio Di Salvo. You put in every note played and even during breaks, every atom of energy, passion and emotion. GREAT!

Angels of Emergency, continually working to remedy the crap that the worst human being on the planet (humans) never ceases to propose. We are proud to help you guys!

My new Brother From Another Mother: Bristol from the UK, the Shred Admiral Laurie Monk and His amazing We are carrying the Cross Guitar and we're happily doing it!

Shred Baron and Shred Admiral

Last but certainly not least, every single person who participated in the six editions of Guitar Day, paying the entrance fee. Without you, none of this would have been possible. The Guitar Day was born to do for people like you happy, even as we, members of the brotherhood guitar world. I embrace you all with an enormous sense of gratitude and friendship.