Anthimos Manti: Time To Turn new CD - a wall of guitarists!

Anthimos Manti: Time To Turn (CD)

Anthimos Manti is a guitar hero from Thessaloniki, Hellas. Time To Turn is his hard rock, metal and fusion instrumental masterpiece - a follow up to his first album "Alligator Lick". Time To Turn is packed with special guests, such as Greek shredder Theodore Ziras, as well as guitarists Matt Cafissi, Marcos De Ros and Kostas Vreto - as well as dozens of others. For fans of Ritchie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert! Give it a listen! buy

Check out the monster list of guitarists:

Andrew Complainer - Keyboards on "Endless Song", "Fuzz Split"
Dimitris Goudonas - "Fuzz Split"
Irene Ketikidi - "Fuzz Split"
Jimma - "Fuzz Split"
Fivos Zaharopoulos - "Fuzz Split"
Manos Bouzakis - "Fuzz Split"
Gus Drax - "Fuzz Split"
Sotiris Chasiotis - "Fuzz Split"
Kosta Vreto - "Fuzz Split"
Theodore Ziras - "Fuzz Split"
John Karadimos - "Fuzz Split"
Sakis Zachariades - "Fuzz Split"
Sotiris Gogos - "Fuzz Split"
Steve Hubbard - "Fuzz Split"
John Bitzios - "Fuzz Split"
George Vasiliadis - "Fuzz Split"
Panos Katseaz - "Fuzz Split"
Nick Kariotis - "Fuzz Split"
John Drougas - "Fuzz Split"
Max McPherson - "Fuzz Split"
George Marios - "Fuzz Split"
Theodore Dimitropoulos - "Fuzz Split"
Marcos De Ros - "Fuzz Split"
Matt Cafissi - "Fuzz Split"
George Matikas - "Fuzz Split"
Jim Politis - "Fuzz Split"
Chris Dimarelli - "Fuzz Split"
Mario Parga - "Fuzz Split"