Mathieu Rach: the man behind Mr Jack has over 65,000,000 YouTube views

The numbers say it all. Mathieu was one of the first YouTube players to get noticed... I bet you'd love these viewing figures:

Channel Views:5,377,548
Total Upload Views:65,881,562
Joined:07 July 2006

MattRach's debut album called Mister JACK is out now !

The concept of an "in the rough album" was the framework to engrave forever the story of an imaginary character called Mr JACK. Eight delirious scenes illustrated by eight instrumental pieces will take you through the crazy adventures of this mysterious Mr JACK. A ninth single is sung in unison and puts an end to the story in a blaze of glory.

Free from any kind of outside pressure, MattRach meticulously recorded his first album at home and the fun of his pals is part and parcel of it.

"In order to avoid having our debut album put to shelves at a horrendous price, we have decided to make a digisleeve version of "Mr. JACK" available only on our website. We especially did not want to impose crazy margins on the fans and web users who have been supporting us from the very start, and we also wanted to carry on making bonus material available for free.


MattRach's Official Website
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MattRach - The Conquistador ( Mister JACK Bonus Track )