Marco De Cave: WinZilla competition craziest licks ever!!

Marco De Cave has been working on a music system which he describes in his book Chitarra Qauntica. I think he must have broken into Area 51 to steal these incredible alien licks.

marco de cave winzilla rob chappers licks competition entry

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

I spotted this interview in Italian. I've used google translate to provide the content here. The copyright of this material belongs to Tony Bellardi and

I feel obliged to post it on behalf of Marco De Cave as I think that he is one of the more exciting and innovative players around today, particularly in his approach to intervallic technique.

Chitarra Quantica

A complete method, logic, which proposes to exceed the physical limits of the instrument techniques used by modern design without neglecting the traditional and established
melodic-harmonic system, the deepening of the permutations resulting from the interval scale
primary and on display on the keyboard allow you to build and seek new solutions sound, among other things with the help of a software for those interested, it would also be able to go further ... Highly recommended for modern guitarists who are not afraid of adventure! Nico Stufano

If you are among those who love the research, if you want to bring a high degree your knowledge of the keyboard, if you look for new solutions melody, in short if you are willing to engage seriously on the guitar, this book is for you. Cave De Marco, whose attitude "Scientific" I appreciated several years ago, has made in these pages a great work, the possibility of disclosing the location of scales and arpeggios, the latter forms the two to seven sounds, expanding the sonic possibilities through the reversal of heights. The result is happy and music, supported by impeccable graphics that allows even non readers make use of it. And 'that the validity of the project to deserve to be taken into consideration, in his musical side, even by non-guitarists. Congratulations to Marco. Umberto Fiorentino

Cave De Marco called me to let me have this book and I very much welcome agreed to write a comment about his work. First of all I remember Marco, in the years he studied with me, as someone very curious and intelligent with a passion for knowledge every few years and in front of this impressive work not only confirms the my idea but I make great compliments to Marco for the depth with which he faced all the arguments and the passion he has put in conceiving this work. A job does not certainly within the reach of all but for guitarists who want to do an advanced search on your own instrument, both melodic and harmonic, in this book are an infinite study material. Fabio Zeppetella

Mini Interview:

With the availability of Mark we were able to ask those curiosities that often we know as guitarists and people ... .. Hello Mark, first of all congratulations for your work that is fresh, innovative and aura of mystery (guitar quantum) which is not bad, but we come to you as a person first of all, what year are you? and how the instrument sounds guitar?

Cave De Marco : I play guitar since the age of 15 years and in 1978. Are you self taught? if so what methods did you face?

Cave De Marco : I graduated from UM in PercentoMusica and I have a diploma in composition are currently experimental ... autoidatta. Forgive my ignorance ... UM? University of Music where? PercentoMusica we also would like to know where it is and where this degree of experimental composition is achieved?

Cave De Marco: So ... Music University of Rome as well as experimental composition PercentoMusica ... DaVictoria Institute of Santa Cecilia in Rome. Very interesting so I assume you are Roman, birth or adoption?

Marco De Cave: Near Rome ... I live in Giulianello in Latina ... What are the guitarists who appreciate most from the first in Italy and then across the Channel?

Marco De Cave: Umberto Fiorentino, Fabio Zeppetella Nico and Stewart ... sleeve over Carl Verheyen, Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth ... actually I like everything, even a little Italian I always find something of interest in anyone. I always keep informed of all the musicians is not contemporary. Daniele Gottardo And what about you? in the sense that I would get this question because at least at first glance I find many similarities in your playing or better in your type of playing with and enriched by tapping this concept to extend the possible scales and arpeggios ...

Marco De Cave: he is very good ... the next generation Italian. I do not want to dwell too much on this topic also because I understand that in the end the method and means by which we express are my own and tastes are the same, but you can not find that this "new generation" and not Italian I quote one for all Mr. Govan, tend to approach a massive distorting due instrument guitar almost seeing a tool that has always been one of bendings and one hand on the handle, as a kind of piano or keyboard, especially by exaggerating the 'running with the speed or the higher number of possible notes in any licks and phrasing?

Cave De Marco: I also (unfortunately) I am a member of this group ... the one hand the instrument is distorted ... the other acquires a "more natural" ... Well anyway I think that those who come to vote this way has gone from a classic route, there are caves and invents De Gottardo overnight .... But let's see if I can make you say something more about your this method, the Guitar Qauntica, I try to tease asking but in the end is not only a method of tapping?

Marco De Cave: no ... I apologize if the demo comes out only this ... Then expect us try again, this is "simply" a method that implements the mechanical movment in relation to the vision of scales and arpeggios with whatever ditteggiature new and alternative ...! I've got?

Marco De Cave: In the first part ... there is a theoretical section and teaching aimed at better understanding what is usually little understanding then there is a section devoted to the physics of acoustics, harmony, ... all seen in a new way and I think the most simple and effective. Very well, we are content for now I salute you and thank you for availability, by the way where and how we will find this method? You can also list the type canlai MySpace, YouTube or the like where to get your updates?

Cave De Marco: I can not tell when publishing proposals ... for now ... look for updates see: or marco de cave or on facebook official page or simply marco de cave.

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