Happy New Year people.
Thanks for all support during 2010. Here at Truth In Shredding we're busy here planning and scheming for new competitions and how to cover guitar shows to happen in 2011. Still got to finish off a couple of competitions from 2010. I have to thank you all for your stunning efforts in all competitions to date.

2011 Shows
Still on my list is NAMM show, but may be next year. Guitar Idol III (aka 2010) still to land with an exciting final with players from all around the world. Monkeylord planning a summer event of guitar like WIN proportions. ZC4 also building nicely with possibly Steve Vai, Ron Thal, TJ Helmerich... no news on Guitar Day 7 in Milan. Then there's Frankfurt Musikmesse too. So many guitar things to do and so little time.

Thanks to Milan Polak who has put on some great competitions this year with TRex pedals. Plus Julian Puttins and his outstanding competitions which have set the standard for most guitar competitions.

Also thanks to my friends in Brazil Sydnei Carvalho and Alex Martinho and all the other stunning players in that country.

A big thanks to Magnus Olsson, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham and Chris Brooks for putting Shred This on the map with the stunning support of Marco Sfogli and the amazing Brett Garsed!

I would also like to thank Di Marzio for their continued support and excellent products. Thanks to Guitar Idol and Lick library whose Guitar Idol competition has captured the imagination of players from all around the world.

Plus thanks to Franck Ribiere (and his family) over at Guitar Euro Media who has put together and exciting competition where the winner will appear on a CD chock full of top guitar players.

Finally to Rob Chappers and David Wallimann for their respective competitions and their planned future collaboration. The guys at Live4Guitar and their launch show, including Emir Hot and Muris Varajic.

Extra Mile New Years Honours
I would like to take some time to thanks all those who went the extra mile. Corrado from Ziua-Chitarelor for inviting me to attend ZC3. All the players from Europe at ZC3, staying up until 04:00 for three nights in a row... and the delight of travelling in a van with Michael Lee Firkins, Stu Hamm, Jennifer Batten, Dave Martone and Mike Vanderhule. The Hedras Ramos Duo who took four flights to travel half around the world to be at ZC3 and there uncommon dignity and friendliness to all. Plus a big thanks to the camera and humour abilities of Kris Claerhout!

Guglielmo "Bill" Malusardi for his stupendous efforts at ZC3 and the Milan Guitar day 6, and showing me the delights of Milan! All the guys at Milan, including Daniele Gottardo, Daniele Gregolin, Gianluca Ferro, Tommy Ermolli and Daniele Liverani. I'm hoping there will be a guitar day 7! With Guglielmo's help I'm sure it will happen, this guys wins the medal for outstanding services to guitar!

Matt Williams... for saving me months of time!

The people who keep it all ticking along
Thanks to the irrepressible Andreas Haukenes for popping up from time to time and telling about guitar I might have missed... Joe Chawki... please release some music :) Also to Martin Miller who's just getting better and better. Marshall Harrison... one CD will never be enough... more "Moto Perpetuo" pieces please :) Rob Chappers for delivering Epic Win and being the winner of the most web2.0 enabled guitar player in the universe! George Marios.. for being George Marios!

The Bloggers
A thanks to the guitar bloggers
Jon Bloomer at Guitar Noize
Rich Murray at Guitar Channel
JP over at Strat O Blogster
Mark McGuigan over at Mark McGuigan
Peter Hodgson iheart guitar
Jenn Feather over at metalichicka (temple to all things Paul Gilbert!

Special thanks to the most interesting Magnus Olsson, whose insights and discussion on guitar playing have accounted for many an hour of earnest thought about the nature and state of the art of guitar. You sir win the Fishing Hat of distinction award... wear it with pride!

Apologies to anyone else I missed. Just leave a comment to let me know and remind me what a fool I've bee.


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