Jean Paul Agnesod: solo competition

Jean Paul Agnesod in collaboration with Bulkmusic Strings and C.C.E. Music School organized - My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 Guitar Contest !!!
1 - Download the Backing Track - Create your solo without limitations.
3 - Create and update your vid on youtube
Submit and write on youtube : - My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 "Your name" -
and copy/paste this page on (Youtube) description.
After send a mail to with your reference ( Name, Phone, address).
Create your solo , without limitations !!!

Rock on !!!
Jean Paul Agnesod has decided to extend the deadline for the Composition competition until 20th May 2011
Bulkmusic Strings - C.C.E. Music School - Jean Paul Agnesod
Youtube Guitar Contest, with some really cool prizes for 8 lucky winners!

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011- Youtube Guitar Contest (1st March - 20th May)

Enter the Jean Paul Agnesod competition


  1. It's a Composition competition ...

    Good luck \m/

    Jean Paul Agnesod


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