Pit Kordus: Ultra Blues

...well....Back to the Roots....so if you don,t got the Blues than you cant get the Rock,n Roll...that,s the first thing that comes to my mind :-))
This Blues i,ve Recorded long time ago. I recorded 3 Instrumental-songs in 1994 by using Analog Mixers and Analog Tape Machines like Fostex.Now I decided to Record them again by using a Digital Audio Workstation.....my Pc Cubase and a Audiointerface :-) The other 2 songs will come soon as possible.
The Lead Guitars,Clean and Distorted I,ve Played Live,in one take, plugged my guitar in the Audiointerface ,Cubase played all other tracks,Drums,Bass,Rhythm Guitars,Keyboards. Video I,ve Recorded by using a cheap digicam,then "Soldered" all together with the Video Soft.
Please Have in mind that I,m in first position a Guitarrist,all other Instrument,s (Bass,Drums) i,ve Programmed by doing my best,and Cubase does the Rest.So don,t be to hard with your Comment,s about Bass,Drums programming or the Sound of the Song,Because I,m not a Studio Engineer,also I,m not a Video Engineer,making a professional Video even for "Youtube" is not Easy.
I played this Tune as simple as possible,trying to play the Notes right from my Heart,there is no Tapping,stringskipping,Sweep Picking..........Please Lay Back and Enjoy.....I will Send this Song to Guitar Idol 3,so Please Support me there if you like my playing........also Feel Free if you want to make a charitable donation ;-) because of my hard work, days and al nights long without end :-))) one Million Dollar,Euro,Ferrari,Lamborghini,your Kidney....my pug, jenny loves this so much, with fava beans,and a nice chianti...:-)))))..... It's Black Humor,with the Kidney, So Don't Take It Seriously! %-)

Pit Kordus_Ultra Blues.mp4