Glen Drover,Steve Smyth,Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Loomis: enough guitar players for you?

GLEN DROVER METALUSION Release Date: April 5, 2011

1. Ground Zero Special Guests – Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore
2. Frozen Dream Special Guest – Steve Smyth
3. Egyptian Danza
4. Colors Of Infinity
5. Illusions Of Starlight
6. Don’t Let The World Pass You By Special Guest – Fredrik Akesson
7. Mirage Special Guest – Jeff Loomis
8. Ascension
9. The Purple Lagoon [Frank Zappa Cover]
10. Filthy Habits [Frank Zappa Cover]


– Guitars / Jim Gilmour – Keyboards / Paul Yee – Bass
Chris Sutherland – Drums

Sound samples

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