Ioannis Anastassakis: Volos Electric Guitar Competition

Hey guitar-crazy guys & girls,
the date of the Volos Guitar Competition is getting closer!
The FINAL date is March 20th at 3.00 in the afternoon and
it will take place in the city of Volos!
Here's the address:
Πολυχώρος Τέχνης του Ωδείου Φουντούλη,
Αντωνοπούλου 17
Vólos, Greece
To reserve your participation, contact the Foudoulis Conservatory -
For any other relevant information, please contact
Here's the Facebook Fan Page of the Volos Competition link -
make sure you check out the posted Videos from past competitions
and "Like" the page!
Volos Electric Guitar Competition Facebook Fan Page
and here's the Facebook event for this year's competition
**** INSTRUCTIONS for the Competitors ****
* Each participant can perform for 5-10 minutes - one or more
tracks (but total duration no more than 10 minutes)!
* Each participant can play either Solo or using a Backing track
* Each participant can bring his own equipment
(provided he can set it up within 5'), otherwise
Line6 amplification will be provided. But you need to bring your own guitars!
* There will be only one round of judging - the judges will be the
members of Greek Guitar power, plus selected electric guitar
instructors from various parts of Greece!
* There are 2 categories at the competition - under-18 & over-18
* the COST of participation is 30 euros per person
* You can perform any kind/style of music - Blues, Rock, Country,
Metal,Jazz - but is it highly recommended to perform an INSTRUMENTAL
piece, either solo or with the use of a Backing Track.
* Very Important - at the competition DO NOT PLAY over the ORIGINAL
recording - you will be disqualified.
* The Soundcheck will take place at the day of the Competition,
2 hours before the start of the event!