Marco Sfogli, Tom Englund,Libor Kukula: Out Of Knowhere

We are proud to announce two foreign guests to be part of our new album "Out Of Knowhere". "We first wanted one guitarist to play guest solo but later we decided to compose duet and started searching for vocalist" says singer Ivan Jakubo. First singer who replied that he likes our music and is willing to contribute was Tom Englund from swedish group Evergrey. Evergrey was tracking new album at the same time so vocals into our song arrived really quickly.


Second guest is italian guitar virtuoso Marco Sfogli known from Dream Theater's James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess solo albums. "He is one of most amazing guitarists on the world and solo he recorded is awesome" adds Libor Kukula.


Both guests will appear in song titled Saboteur's trial which will be released on February 23rd through band internet profiles and 12 radio stations in Czech Republic.

Second single of new CD "Out Of Knowhere" featuring guest solo by Marco Sfogli of James LaBrie's solo projects and guest voice by Thomas S. Englund of Evergrey

Ascendancy - Saboteur's trial