Adrian English: interview and CD review

Your bio tells a great story of being in the right places with the right people , hows it going with shredguy ? is this another good stroke of luck ? 

I actually was turned onto ShredGuy by 2 people, first awareness was through Rusty Cooley, 2nd with a fellow shredder by the name of  Pete Pachio in 08' of whom we did a re-make of my demo song Flight of the blue phoenix (a demo song to Mike Varney Shrapnel records back in the early 90's) , Mike McDowell was kind enough to add us to the Shredding Across The World Vol. 2 release.  He then added me on the roster of Vol. 3 with G-THEORY, which I redifinedin the release of INNERPLANETARIUM with of course a full band.  
What do shredguy do for you as alot of guys just do their own thing and deals with record companies are quite rare arent they ? 
ShredGuy has done alot in the way of getting contacts and full page adds in guitar world,guitar legends,fuzz,guitar plus,fire works and more to come. He has really taken more of a noticeable individual focus on the artist as well as been out to spread the focus on the label as well.not to mention he has a line of shirts that kick ass! more