Steve Hackett: interview and live classics

On the Guitars & Equipment page you also mention that you use “a Zoom 9050 unit for some of the more extreme effects.” Provide a few examples.
The material on Live Rails doesn't feature as much zoom stuff. The DigiTech Whammy Pedal has largely superseded it. From past tracks, "Mechanical Bride" from To Watch the Storms album used the zoom extensively.

You’ve made extensive use of the Fernandes Sustainer over the years. Describe the ways in which you have had to modify your playing to adapt to both the possibilities and the limitations inherent in the device.
Some guitarists mute naturally by resting their hand on the bridge between phrases. You have to do this if you're using the Sustainer pick-up, especially in high harmonic mode. It can run away with you, but it's the nearest thing to playing through the whirlwind of feedback so familiar to Hendrix fans, with the benefit of achieving the same effect at low volume.

The Floyd Rose appears to be your vibrato of choice. Why?
I find it the most durable of all the systems I've tried.

Firth of Fifth, Steve Hackett Live at Exeter, 2009

one for Shred Junior... he loves this track.. .great taste... a chip off the old block!

Spectral Mornings, Steve Hackett Live at Exeter, 2009