Dean Cascione,Joe Stump: Neoclassical Fire

Dean Cascione - Neoclassical Fire

Dean Cascione's Neoclassical Fire blends fierce fret board assault with strong, powerful melodic phrasing. In "Emozione", he plays with passion and shatters decades of shred stereotypes. "Hails To The Shredlord" showcases Dean's technical command of the instrument, and is a tribute to the legendary Joe Stump. "Paladins Fury" features the ballistic chops of drummer Paul Wandtke and "Sospeso" is fueled with bone-chilling suspense. "Knights Of Templar" furiously explodes out of the gate, speeds towards victory, and climaxes with a special guest solo by Joe Stump. For the last track, "Serenade of Souls", Dean embraces his nylon string guitar and conjures up sprits of a dark past. Experts have described Dean Cascione's command of the instrument as "Dangerous with a Guitar", "Vicious, High Tech and Aggressive", "Jaw Dropping", "Channeled the Spirit of Rhoades", and "A Bright Star on the International Guitar Scene".