Gavin Coulson,Al Ridgway: Northern Guitar Show date

Northern Guitar Shows have announced details of their next Leeds/Bradford guitar show

Northern Guitar Shows' Leeds event is scheduled to take place on September 18th at Pudsey Civic Hall.

More than 50 exhibitors will be showing their selections of new and used equipment with special show bargains on offer too.

There will be live music all day from The Amazing Kappa Band featuring maestro guitarist Paul Kappa, acoustic master Chris Woods, blues virtuoso Gavin Coulson will be representingVintage and Fret-King and superb british soloist and session player Al Ridgway (the 'Spocktrometer) will be showcasing Patrick Eggle Guitars too.

Lastly there will be Twin Stomp effects demos on offer too.

Admission £5;

01925 813185