JD Bradshaw: new CD and magazine column

New CD Release / Wild Child Magazine
(CD INFO) - The brand new cd from JD Bradshaw is going to be called " Waiting At The Finish Line" and the song titles are as follows "High On The Inside" 'Quarter Mile Fix" "Black Top Fade' "Thrill Of The Chase"...Expect an early Sept 2011 release date..The songs will have an upbeat hard driving and rocking feel to them and they will be perfect for getting out of the house and firing up anything that has an engine in it whether its by Air,Sea or Ground but not limited just to that..lol....The cd packaging & the songs will go together as one to give you the mind set that this release will be fun to rock out too...I will be mixing the cd Aug 18th with Gino Bailey at MSA studios and then sending it to be pressed off..Gino has run sound for REO Speedwagon,Alan Jackson,Beach Boys,Chick Correa and other popular artist when they perform in the Delmarva area,so you know it will be sounding damn good after its finished...A big thank you to my drummer David Parks for an excellent job well done, to my wife for her 101% support and to my music students for cheering me on..There will be a new post at a later date where you can purchase the cd /downloads from and keep everybody up to date on upcoming scheduled radio interviews & radio stations that will be giving me airplay....(WILD CHILD MAGAZINE) - The new Wild Child magazine was launched July 21st and now you can read my new column called JD'S RIFF NOTES..Every article I write for the column will be different but you will be able to apply it to your music career to get you where you need to be..A big thank you to Bonny for asking me to be part of this kick ass experience! http://www.wildchildmag.com *Thank you for your support I cant wait for you all to hear my new release! JD Bradshaw