Kiana De Leon: Master of Puppets MsTallica and MsGadeth

Hi friends,1st I would like to thank Metallica for being such a great band!!! I had taken a break from videos for a while but never stopped playing as this is what I love. My friend Rachel is playing the bass guitar in this video. We hope you like it! Please SUBSCRIBE!!! My next video will be a straight out shred. Your friend always Kiana Shotgun=)

"Kiana Shotgun" De Leon Master of Puppets - METALLICA guitar and bass cover

MEGADETH (Holy Wars) Kiana Shotgun 15yrs. old


  1. she's great, but imagine being a 15 or 16 yo boy getting up the nerve to ask her out. Intimidating, to say the least, LOL

  2. The Most Awesome Three Some Ever!


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