Laura Cox: Paris Texas?

hey! I'm Laura Cox, I'm french and I live near Paris.
On my channel, you'll find some videos of me playing the guitar (and singing sometimes).
I really hope you'll like it. Feel free to leave some comments ;)
-I started playing guitar in 2005

My gear:
-A new EPIPHONE LES PAUL GOLDTOP SLASH SIGNATURE (yeaahh!!! It's been hard to find one... and I finally bought one of the very last models :))
-Fender John 5 Telecaster
-Fender Stratocaster Mexican Classic '60 (sold)
-Fender Telecaster Baja
-Ibanez SR500bm
-Vox AD30VT (Sold)
-Vox VT15 (Sold)
-Blackstar HT5 (Sold)
-Line 6 Toneport UX1
-Dunlop wah Cry Baby GCB-95

Country Jam in the style of Doug Seven
Country jam with some friends!
Laura Cox plays Slash, Knopfler, AC/DC, etc


  1. you play guitar in a way so clean and precise that would be incredible even if you were playing since '90ies. The fact you started in 2005 makes the whole thing simply unbelievable. (and you've a nice guitar set too!)

    Minnesota Fez

  2. Best chic guitarist.....

  3. I don't get it. You have an English name but you are French....

  4. Wow, there are two things I admire bout you, one is definitely ur guitar playijng skills which are so smooth and crisp and of course very elegant. Secondly, you are very beautiful. Great going Cox. All the best. :)

  5. Very nice guitar picking Laura for doing it for such a short amount of time. You must have an old soul. Keep it up. If you need another tool for your shed, contact me. I'll set you up.



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