Reb Beach, Geddy Lee, Al Pitrelli, Eric Johnson: 911 10th Anniversary Special

The Chop Shop's 9/11 10th Anniversary Special

The 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States is fast approaching, and The Chop Shop has joined with your favorite rock and classic rock guitarists for a special like only The Chop Shop could air!

The special will feature commentary and thoughts from Reb Beach, Geddy Lee, Al Pitrelli, Eric Johnson, Scott Stapp, Vernon Reid, Joe Perry, Kid Rock and more! This is an emotional 2 hours that you're gonna want to hear!

The special is available to all radio stations in the United States (including our affiliates), and will air on or around that weekend, depending on the particular radio station's scheduling!

This special is not currently planned to air as part of the regular Chop Shop/Chop Shop Classic rotation on your local affiliate, but don't fear! If you want to hear the show, be sure to signup on the homepage for our free email club, as those email club members will be able to stream the show the day after 9/11!