Benjamin Lechuga: winner of Steve Vai Scholarship releases debut CD.

The album´s first track ¨Pehoe¨ was chosen by Steve Vai as the winner of the Steve Vai Scholarship. That's why the guitarist Benjamin left his natal Chile and moved to London. Diverse styles such as ProgMetal/Funk/Flamenco and more mix in this album....This album, after 6 years of composing, is the end of my first chapter as a composer. Although it is mainly instrumental guitar-oriented rock/metal , this album goes through different stages and mixes d ifferent styles such as flamenco, funk, latin folk with an aggressive progressive metal or even some nice calmed rock ballads.

1. Pehoe
2. O Vurdon
3. Suspiro
4. Animal
5. Entre 2 Mundos
6. La Subjetividad del Tiempo
7. EvilFunk
8. Chances
9. Cuek!

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