Jan Zehrfeld: Levi Clay interviews Panzerballet guitar star for Live4Guitar

As you start reading this, you'll be thinking exactly as I did when my good friend Max Waibel told me to check out Panzerballet at this year's MusikMesse in Germany - I've never heard of them. Well all I can say is i'm certainly glad I took his advice - so I really urge you to read on an maybe discover your new favorite band. To quote another good friend Panzerballett do what any great band should "leave me confused, nauseous and with an urge to buy merchandise"

There really is no band out there quite like Panzerballett, combining the complete mind melting polyrhythmic grind of bands like Meshuggah with the smooth sophisticated sort of Jazz you may expect to find in an elevator. There are solos Michael Brecker would be proud of and compositions Zappa would be jeleous of. From covers to originals - metal vocals to crazy atonal female singing (on a Rammstein cover that needs to be heard to be believed). There will be Cynic style cleans, and free improvisations all around. What's not to love? Check out their website and pick up their music now! http://www.panzerballett.de/