Oz Noy, David Fiuczynski: New Morning II

Jeroen Vrolijk: New Morning II - a NY project by Jeroen Vrolijk with Oz Noy & David 'Fuze' Fiuczynski

Jeroen Vrolijk (drums); Oz Noy (guitar); David 'Fuze' Fiuczynski (guitar); Tim Lefebvre (bass); Reggie Washington (bass); Iwan van Hetten, David Mast (trumpet); Guido Nys, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, David Wiltschut (sax); Maarten Helsloot (keys); Ruben Mulder (organ)

NEW MORNING, a NY project emerged in 2007. Drummer, composer & producer Jeroen Vrolijk assembled his favorite musicians for two memorable studiosessions in New York to record the debut fusion album New Morning.

This next album, New Morning II, release nov. 15th2011, brings together for the first time guitarists Oz Noy and David Fiuczynski both featuring on the same track. David “Fuze” Fiuzcynski playing his doubleneck- special sounding- guitar and his unique 'MicroTonal' musical approach. Oz Noy creates his unique, melodic and harmonic sounds through the special use of his pedalboard. They both bring their flavour and colour to the groove oriented pieces written by Jeroen Vrolijk. This album features a daring cover of British alternative rockband Muse but also covers one of Thelonious Monks' standards Hackensack featuring saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart (RHfactor, D'Angelo).

The NEW MORNING TRIO, consisting of Oz Noy, Buckshot Lefonque/RHfactor bassist Reggie Washington, and Jeroen Vrolijk toured the Netherlands with their powerhouse funk. The second tour included the famous Amsterdam Bimhuis where live recordings were made. These recordings recently added to the re-release of the first album called New Morning,the 2011 Exclusive Edition. After this successful debut album we celebrate the birth of New Morning II: Electrifying & Funky!!

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Track 1 New Morning
Track 2 Its Not What Is
Track 3 Herbie
Track 4 050
Track 5 Falling Away With You
Track 6 Hackensack
Track 7 The Optimist
Track 8 Funk for Marcus
Track 9 S,D,C