Stéphan Forté,Nicolas Soulat: announces LAG guitar competition winner

"Hello, so first of all, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for being so likely to participate in this great contest organized by the black box and LAG. Furthermore, a mega "congratulations" as the level is huge! It was a nightmare to get to pick a winner (hence the reason for a result so late) I admit that having to designate one person is an exercise that I do not, because I think music is an art, a way of expressing themselves, and unlike a sport based on performance, should not be " deemed "..... But hey, it is also true that a little competition advances, so in the end, There are still good
:) ... And there's good in this case, it y 'will be mainly for one of you in particular, then I will not keep you in suspense any longer, the winner of the S1000SF is: Nicolas Soulat! 

Stéphan Forté LAG competition

Some explanations about the reasons for my choice: I took into account several parameters:

1 - The musical
2 - The inventiveness
3 - The expression / the touch
4 - Technical
5 - Respect the time limit set by Regulation

Nicolas: You knew all this together in less than a minute, and as you have all you know it is not easy.

It There's everything here, an excellent technical mastery, a really interesting choice of notes, a beautiful musicality, one piece construction of balanced super short, a big bravo to you.

Here at last is my top 5:
1 - Nicolas Soulat
2 - Julien Damotte
3 - Djul Lacharme
4 - Gabriel Palmieri
5 - Nils Courbaron

Voila, a big bravo to you all once again and of course congratulations to you Nicolas, I hope you will give your new LAG as much happiness as mine brings me.


Concours Lâg Stéphan Forté - Nicos