Jason Becker: Mike Blackburn talks about his visit to Jason Becker's house

Mike Blackburn:  March 2011: California Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet" festival is attended and reported upon lovingly by Kris Claerhout and Laurie Monk. The seeds are sown to organize a festival for Europe.
Summer 2011: I meet Drew on Facebook, find we have a lot in common and I decide to work as a correspondent for Loudguitars, my first assignment being the July Tremblant Blues Festival.
Late Summer 2011: The “Not Dead Yet” festival for Jason is announced for Amsterdam, Kris is the main pusher, doer, funder etc trying to make this happen, supported by Laurie and a few others.
October 2011: I start discussing this event with Drew describing it as THE guitar event of the year. As Drew discovers a little more about some of the players planned for the roster, he agrees it is a MUST SEE and plans are hatched. I think perhaps seeing Guthrie’s Aristocrat’s gig in Montreal further sealed the deal! more http://www.loudguitars.com/enter/two-days-with-jason-becker

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