Matias Kupiainen,Theodore Ziras,Arwe,Gimi: Tiluland - The Home of Guitar Heroes and Synth Wizards

Arwe - Guitars
Gimi - Synths
Guest Heroes:
Matias Kupiainen
Mikko Härkin
Theodore Ziras
Janne "Red Demon" Karhunen
Esa "Kurzweiler" Fors
Bobby the "Lapin Jänkhä"

Track listing:

1. Prologue (to the Kings)
2. Tilu of the Kings
3. March of Immortals
4. Heroes
5. Arctic Twilight
6. Warrior's Anthem
7. Epic Tilu Fantasy Part I: A Grand Tale
8. Epic Tilu Fantasy Part II: Axes of the Universe
9. Epic Tilu Fantasy Part III: Kaamos

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Tiluland - The Torment of the Sun (The Official Digital Single 2011)