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Worked / recorded with artist like: Arabesque, Elysion, Lalu, Shadran e, Patrick Eijdems, Vivien Lalu, Nathan vd Wouw, Mike Roelofs, Barend Tromp, Rogier van Wegberg, Roel Kaller, Geert Keijzer, Alex Argento, Anders Johansson , Henrik Bath, Lance King, Chris Catena, Daniel Flores, Ian Haughland, Gary Wehrkamp, ​​Göran Edman, Gregg Bissonette, Hubi Meisel, John Macaluso, Marco Sfogli, Martin Lemar, Greg and Matt Bissonette, Mike Terrana, Russell Bergquist, Ryan Van Powder ewes Simon Phillips, Steve Walsh, Tony Franklin, Virgil Donati, Atma Anur, Sebastian Persini, Frank Bayens, Arthur Leiten, Peter Douwma, Jessie Galante, Yoger Mucci, ........ etc.. Welcome to Bo ~ EL Guitar Company. Specialized Customizing and building Guitars. Bo ~ EL Guitar Company is based in Zutphen. Owner and founder of the Bo ~ El Guitar Company is Huub Boel, born in The Hague in 1950. Huub is a music freak. This love was born in the 50s and 60s in the Hague-band circuit. He got himself in 1967 for the first guitar from a friend and joined in 1969 to 1971, the band "Yellow Butterfly" from Vlaardingen. After 20 years have been passive (and even all his equipment and guitars sold it) in September 1991 he bought an acoustic guitar and a few months later an electric. In particular, the electric guitar was an eyesore. The big ugly plastic plate and bolted neck is definitely not for the craftsmanship of construction tools. The technical background of Huub and carefully sifting through the history of this brand gave a clear conclusion: This guitar was developed solely from the viewpoint to a cheap "guitar" to build. A logical consequence because the currently available to many guitars were "destitute" musicians not to play.

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