Elizabeth Schall: Dreaming Dead West Coast Tour dates

Elizabeth Schall and Dreaming Dead West Coast Tour 2012

July 13th - Concord, CA - Greenhouse BBQ - All ages/Donation
w/ Burning Monk, Saint Christopher, Barking Spiders & Limes

July 14th - San Francisco, CA - Tidal Wave Fest - All ages & FREE!
w/ Huntress, Spiral Arms, Skitz, Hellfire, Abrupt & Paranoid Freakout

July 14th - Oakland, CA - Center for Creative Abuse
w/ Nux Vomica & Negative Standards
**Making the most out of our trip & playing 2 shows that day**

July 15th - Los Angeles, CA - The Airliner Bar - 18+/$3-$5
w/ Social Overload, Dawn of Ruin, Doomsayers & more!

July 16th - Fullerton, CA - The Slidebar - 21+/FREE!
w/ Torment ID, Apathy, Infinite Death

Dreaming Dead - "Midnightmares" Live @ Los Globos 7/3/12

Dreaming Dead - live @ La Cita

Dreaming Dead - Exile live @ La Cita

Dreaming Dead - Overlord live @ La Cita


  1. Just saw Dreaming Dead last night 7-14-12 in Oakland. After missing them at the Dying Fetus show awhile back I was eager to see how they were. First of all my friend is on their email list I guess because he got a preshow email to alert us of upcoming shows which I thought was cool. The show last night was their 3rd show in last 24hours so was interested to see how they held up stamina wise as well. They were playing at The Swamp which is just a bottom floor of someones house so it was small and kind of ghetto. The band packed in their own equipment which I noticed off the bat and set up their own stuff. Following after a band I dont remember name that had awful vocals & didnt really impress frankly I was eager to hear some good stuff. I must say I was seriously impressed with this band. Having listened to death/brutal death for some time now I was predisposed to thinking these guys would be on the weaker side of metal. Man I was wrong, these guys shredded and went beyond my highest expectations. The drummer having to play with broken rib did not do any back up vox but the blasting he did were some of the sickest I've heard. These guys were fast not including the slower melodic parts, and what I thought would be a showcase for pretty much the singer since she writes,plays, and sings most if not all songs I was definitely wrong. I think what impressed me the most was the way these guys played as a total band together. I would recommend seeing these guys live anytime and am surprised they arent signed (unless they are) with a big label. They are already at that high of a level I think. Only cons for me where the melodic slower parts which took away from the speed of the songs and wasnt very captivating all together, and I hate to say it but the vocals were a little on the weaker side. With music like this I think some lower growl vox would fit in nice vs. higher end kind of vox (no offense Liz) overall I would give these guys a 9/10. Very good!! and thanks for signing my shirt!!


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