George Bellas: Planetary Alignment - The Out takes

Planetary Alignment
01. Color By Numbers
02. Encoded In Light
03. Subatomic Particles
04. New Worlds Discovered
05. Parallel Universe
06. Overlapping Dimensions
07. Escape Velocity
08. Gravitons
09. Planetary Alignment
10. Supersymmetry
Running Time 61:05

George Bellas - Guitars
Marco Minnemann - Drums
George Bellas - Bass
George Bellas - Keyboards

The instrumental album by George Bellas is arguably the most progressive album yet from the world renowned guitarist and composer. Uniquely crafted, be ready to expect the unexpected.

Maestro George Bellas departs from the neoclassical excursions he is best known for on his latest release PLANETARY ALIGNMENT, a mind-boggling exercise in advanced musical concepts that simultaneously frustrates and inspires. Bellas is scary good, with a comprehensive knowledge of music theory making him a veritable human compendium of obscure chords, scales and rhythmic ideas, and on PLANETARY ALIGNMENT he introduces the listener to a startling array of them. Check out the drama of "New Worlds Discovered," the creatively explosive "Parallel Universe," the space trip-out "Gravitons," or the intense "Supersymmetry" for samples of George's prowess. -- Review by Neal Woodall

Now you can hear the outtakes:
"These are short intros that were recorded for the album Planetary Alignment but not included on the final master." -- George Bellas

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