Brett Stine, Eddie Head: monstrous new instrumental tracks posted!

Haji's Kitchen 


Eddie Head - Guitar
Brett Stine - Guitar
Derek Blakley - Bass
Rob Stankiewicz - Drums

All vocals by Daniel Tompkins (Tesseract, Skyharbor, Piano)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Haji's Kitchen

After a near 10 year hiatus of inactivity, Haji's Kitchen returns with their best batch of songs to date. Twenty Twelve features the long awaited finished versions of "Lost" & "Day After Day", (originally heard on the Dragonball Z "Broly-TLSS" film), 4 other new vocal tracks and a brand new instrumental song. The disc also includes instrumental versions of the 6 vocal tracks as a bonus.

2012 Review
In a world where rap mixed with gratuitous auto tuning, coupled with splicing other music samples seem to have the attention of so many, it is a Godsend to see an immensely talented group of 5 guys bust their asses to deliver a vastly superior product in this cynical, apathetic, mind-numbing music industry. For the longest time, their debut disc of 1995 was a top 10 favorite in my playlist. Still is. It could be likened to a relentless, unyielding, intense wall of sound. This release however, has a surprising number of contrasts when compared with earlier works. For instance, the introduction of song dynamics as a whole make the heavy parts that much more intense, and the subtle parts that much more delicate. There is a reference point in which the listeners are able to hang their hats on; which is to say, 170 mph feels a whole lot faster to someone who isn't going at that speed all the time. The introduction of eerie, ambient passages within their songs adds to that air of quality. These songs have a breath, or steady pulse that sends the listener on a rollercoaster ride of excitement, emotion, and inspiration. Considering that these gentlemen had no help from the outside music industry (except perhaps, for the loaning of Daniel Tompkins’ prodigious vocals), it is certainly a large feat that this music has such a vast, enormous, organic feel to it. A legacy to be proud of, for certain. If you have even a remote interest in Heavy, thoughtful, exciting, progressive metal with depth, then you will be very happy, having made such a purchase, knowing as well that a good percentage of the proceeds go directly to the band, since there is little to no outside support, save for you, the fan. Rock on, and enjoy!


Haji's Kitchen: instrumental series