David Valdes,Theodore Ziras,Santiago Garces,Yoger Mucci: Universal Mind Project

Universal Mind Project

The Promo of the song "The Jaguar Priest" will be released in August 22, 2012!
I'am sure you guys will like it! The subject of lyrics is influenced by the great Maya culture!
and the music is mostly orientated by Progressive Metal...

The line up:

Omar Szdenka - Bass
Santiago Garces - Guest guitarist from Argentina
Theodore Ziras - Guest guitarist from Greece
David Valdes - Guest guitarist from Spain
Mauro Pacella - Keyboard Player from Argentina
Charlie Dominici - Vocalist - Dominici and ex Dream Theater
Henrik Båth - Vocalist from Darkwater - Sweden
Alex Landenburg - Drums from Germany
Yoger Mucci - Guest guitarist from México
Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam) Guitarist from México

Produced and composed by Michael Alexander (Chaak Balam)
Lyrics by: Charlie Dominici
Drums: Arrenged and recorded by Alex Landenburg

Visit us: www.facebook.com/universalmindproject