Billy Gibbons: You can't lose with the blues

Jeb: On a serious note, ZZ Top have achieved more success than any band can ever hope for. You are American musical icons. Why do feel people like me love your music so much?

Rev. Willy G: Not really a big secret; we've said it more than once: You can't lose with the blues. We fell into a groove at the start and we just kept at it and have no intention of letting go now that we're staring to get good at it.

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The new album

1. I Gotsta Get Paid 4:03
2. Chartreuse 2:57
3. Consumption 3:47
4. Over You 4:29
5. Heartache In Blue 4:09
6. I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose, You 4:20
7. Flyin' High 4:17
8. It's Too Easy Mañana 4:47
9. Big Shiny Nine 3:11
10. Have A Little Mercy