Steve Vai,Diego Budicin: MusicOff Contest gets his prize
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Hello musicoffili and YouTubers, it is our great pleasure to introduce this special Steve Vai MusicOff Contest whose protagonists are just two musicoffili: Diego Budicin, the winner of our contest, and Mario Contarino, also known for his circuit solidarity network " TBP "! During the evening, which hosted the award ceremony of the contest, live Roman Steve Vai, this last has placed its focus on video with these two guys that participated in the race and it is with pleasure and, why not, with a touch of pride, that we show in these two videos (see related video in the link above) its sincere, beautiful, reactions.
Our mission is to always give more opportunities to musicians who demonstrate that they deserve, the skill and the great heart that they put in their passion. This is why the phrase "It only happens with MusicOff" is not a boast, but a reality in which we put all our efforts!
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Steve Vai & Diego Budicin - It only happens with MusicOff