Christopher Amott,Matthew Wicklund: talks about new project

Christopher Amott

Well, you may or may not know that I have moved to the US. I’ve been living here since April and I actually got my green card in the mail a few weeks ago, which was cool. It took a while but now I am all settled in and can get down to business over here.

So, what I’m doing right now is writing for... wait for it... a new Armageddon record!  Yes! it’s true. I've got a brand new band together & some kick-ass material that I can’t wait to unleash on the world.

To be honest, haven’t been this excited about working on an album in about 10 + years... This one’s gonna be 100% metal with loads of shred-guitar and intricate compositions.

I am writing the music together with Matthew Wicklund (God Forbid, Warrel Dane, Himsa) who is the second guitarist in the band. The hooks and melodies we have come up with are huge!! Very excited...
On drums we have Van Williams (Nevermore). Bassist and vocalist I am not revealing yet... but I can say this much; it won’t be me singing. I’m predicting a release for this album by summer 2013.

Happy holidays!

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