Danny Cullman,Chris Saniga,Chris Vogagis: Wide Eyes - Djent

We are Wide Eyes, and we live for this. https://soundcloud.com/wideeyesoh

Danny Cullman (Guitar, Synths, Keys, Drum Programming, Producer)
Chris Saniga (Guitar, Synths)
Chris Vogagis (Guitar, Synths, Drum Programming)
Eric Thomas (Bass)
Drew Cline (Vocals)
Greg Martinis (Vocals)

For any/all inquiries, contactwideeyesofficial@gmail.com

Just me (Godge) being a goofy giant and playing along to a new Wide Eyes song! Enjoy! The 8th string is only used once (literally) in this section of the song, but this is only 1:30 or so of a 6:40 second song. There's plenty of other riffs in this song that use the low E, that's why this is just a teaser! WE love you all!

Album 2 - 8 Strang Teaser

Wide Eyes - The Ocean Sky