Philly Guitar Kid: Technical Difficulties/Scarified - 11 year old burn your guitar alert!

It's winter break! At last I can post vids again. Here is another song from one of my favorite guitarist Paul Gilbert. I really enjoy playing this song. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for Watching!

Technical Difficulties by Racer X/Paul Gilbert (guitar cover by 11yr old)

First time to do a multi angle video. The audio was recorded thru a borrowed Tascam US-1800 using Garageband. The audio was done in one take and I made a couple of mistakes but my dad doesn't want me to edit it out because according to him, that would be cheating. The video was done by kuya Mac with his Canon T2i and iphone 4S, and edited on Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Special thanks to kuya Mac for showing me how to use final cut pro and how to do better vids, and for doing all this in just two hours. Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share if you like my vids. Thanks 4 watching!

Scarified by Racer X/Paul Gilbert (guitar cover by 11yr old)


  1. I work with his dad. This kid is awesome!

  2. damn! i checked his channel and the kid can play!

  3. He's a regular member over at We have a guitar competition to win a new guitar and he said if he won to sell it and donate the money to charity. He definitely has his head on straight.

  4. Check out PhillyGuitarKid other video;

    and his battle entry


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