Billy Gibbons,Steve Lukather: new iGuitar issue 15 online

Billy Gibbons - The Interviews 
Stuart Bull and Michael Casswell meet with the legendary ZZ Top guitarist in these two in-depth interviews.

Steve Lukather - The Interview 
On the eve of the launch of his new solo album, Transition, Steve Lukather talks to Guitar Interactive's Michael Casswell.

Andy James - Hybrid Picking Part 3
Andy continues his How To Play Fast Series with the third part of his hybrid picking special.

Tom Quayle - Tri-Tone Substitution
Fusion master Tom Quayle explores this concept further while developing Tri-tone Substitutions and Endings.

EXCLUSIVE!! - Tom Quayle -The NEW Ibanez Iron Label 8 String Guitar

Rick Graham - Octave Displacement
This month, Rick Graham takes a look at ways to use Octave Displacement.