Marta Witiw: More Ripping guitar!

This is my next track. All the instrumental parts were written by myself. Except for guitars there are only vst instruments.

I do not own videos with Lord Vader and the orchestra. Music is mine of course but I got this movies from 'sweduck's' and 'dorisig's' channel and big thanks to them for letting me use their videos!

Marta Witiw - Sudden Rush ft. Lord Vader

I know there is nothing new in it, BUT this is my first own guitar instrumental song I've ever written, it was two years ago and all I wanted at that time was to be 'Satriani'. I decided to make a video and record all parts all over again. So... Here it is, funny song with a 'funny' video. CLOSE ENOUGH.

I made the drums in Superior Drummer and rhythm guitars & bass were recorded by myself.

Marta Witiw - CLOSE ENOUGH