Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett: Mark Boals NAMM Metal Jam 2013

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 You Don't Remember

Mark Boals, Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett, Arnold Gonzalez, Aquiles Priester, Tony Cavazo, Michael T. Ross http://www.youtube.com/user/DeathRidersChannel


Announcing the International NAMM Metal Jam 2013 featuring 40 of the
finest metal musicians from all around the world.

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 will take place on January 23, 2013 at the Whiskey
A-Go Go in West Hollywood, CA, one day prior to the start of the NAMM
Convention in Anaheim. The convention runs from January 24-27, 2013.
The concert is being organized by DeathRiders/original Anthrax
vocalist Neil Turbin; and guitarist extraordinaire Dave Reffett of
Shredding The Envelope and Guitar World.
DeathRiders will co-headline the show along with Guitar Legend Michael
Angelo Batio (Nitro, Holland) and will feature a true Metal All-Star
Jam, featuring NAMM Metal All Stars with 40
members of: Anthrax, Queensryche, Rising Force, Sepultura, Angra,
Racer X, Savatage, Lita Ford, Circle II Circle,
The Iron Maidens, Holy Grail, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob, Planet X,
Leatherwolf, Holy Grail, Hurricane and more.
The "NAMM Metal All Stars" will be storming through supersonic
shredding versions of molten metal classics for this
Open to the public, All Ages One Time Only "Winter NAMM Kick off event".

NAMM Metal Jam 2013
Michael Angelo Batio w/ DeathRiders (Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin)
Circle II Circle
NAMM Metal All Stars

Open to the public - All Ages
NAMM Metal Jam
For tickets Visit:

Are You Ready For A Fistful Of Malice
The Thriller from Brasilia
Special Host MC Metal Malice
Michael Angelo Batio
Circle II Circle

NAMM Metal Jam All Stars featuring
Michael Angelo Batio of MAB, Nitro, Holland - Guitar
Neil Turbin of DeathRiders, Anthrax - Vocals
Dave Reffett of Shredding The Envelope - Guitar
Michael Wilton of Queensryche - Guitar
Parker Lundgren of Queensryche - Guitar
Virgil Donati of Planet X, Ring Of Fire, Allan Holdsworth, CAB, Tribal
Tech - Drums
Eloy Casagrande of Sepultura, Andre Matos - Drums
Aquiles Priester - Angra, Hangar, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore - Drums
Rigo Amezcua of Drums Agent Steel - Drums
Mark Boals of Ring Of Fire, Don Dokken, Rising Force - Vocals
Greg Walls of ex-Anthrax- Guitar
Jeff Martin of Racer X, Badlands, Michael Schenker Group - Vocals
Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob - Bass
Eli Santana of Holy Grail - Guitar
Michael T. Ross of Missing Persons - Keyboards
Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf - Vocals and Guitar
Ann Boleyn of Hellion -- Vocals
Steve "Zeus" Johnstad of Mayday, N.R.G - Vocals
Sean Elg of DeathRiders, Nihilist - Drums
Arnold Gonzalez of DeathRiders - Guitar
Michael Lopez of DeathRiders - Bass
Casey Trask of DeathRiders -- Guitar
Courtney Cox of the Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale - Guitar
Wanda Ortiz of the Iron Maidens - Bass
Linda McDonald of the Iron Maidens, Phantom Blue -- Drums
Andrew Freeman of Hurricane, Lynch Mob, Last In Line, The Offspring - Vocals
Tony Cavazo of Hurricane - Bass
Mike Hansen of Hurricane - Drums
Joe Gettler of Razormaze - Guitar
Mandy Lion of World War III, War Machine - Vocals
Ronny North of Ronny North Band - Guitar
Diego Valadez of Cellador - Synth and Vocals
Xander Demos of Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Guitar
Zak Stevens of Circle II Circle, Savatage - Vocs
Mitch Stewart of Circle II Circle - Bass
Bill Hudson of Circle II Circle, Cellador - Guitar
Christian Wentz of Circle II Circle - Guitar
Adam Sagan of Circle II Circle, Into Eternity - Drums
Henning Wanner of Circle II Circle - Keyboards
Amy Sung of Amy Sung Band - Vocals

NAMM Metal Jam 2013 You Don't Remember