Ben Badenhorst: Humus Bang - cool Progressive World Metal

Ben Badenhorst:
A unique and challenging collection of Progressive World Metal.
These tracks combine many diverse elements, including Indian,
Middle Eastern and North African influences, blended with Metal, Psychedelic and Avant-Garde concept's.
released 08 December 2012
Recorded and produced by Ben Bad.
All instruments and arrangements by Ben Bad.
All compositions by Ben Bad except;
Flunkey Town based on 'Funky Town' written by Steven Greenberg,
Seven Gnats written by Martin Wolfhaardt.
Recorded between September and October 2012.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Neil Thunderbolt....
Special thanks to:
Brian Fanner, BFOC Guitars, Django Flaherty, Brit Horowitz,
Raven Sklair, Chris & Mikayla Badenhorst,
Avi & Einat Horowitz, Eric Johnson, Virgil Donati, Tom Kennedy,
Allan Holdsworth, Al Di Meola, Mike Einziger, L. Shankar, U. Shrinivas....


  1. Wow, what an awesome piece of musicianship Ben. Incredibly diverse and textured layers combined with technical skill, evoking a range of emotions as varied as the music. Well done!


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