David Preston: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide - great fusion composition

David Preston - Guitar / Composition
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

About Preston Glasgow Lowe

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Preston-Glasgow-Lowe are a new dynamic group consisting of 3 of London's most creative young instrumentalists. Sharing on-stage credentials with esteemed musicians such as John Scofield, the Foreign Exchange, Melody Gardot, Robert Mitchell, and Tommy Smith, they bring a unique and seasoned sound derived from their work as side-men combined with their shared love of improvisation, intricate composition, rhythm, and accessible melodies. Aiming to expand upon the format of the guitar trio they combine their virtuosic skills as soloists and accompanists with extensive composition and elaborate arrangements.

You can download their new track 'Silvertide' for free from their website:-

Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide