Jason Becker, Mike Varney, Laurie Monk: the big 50!

Yes... it's my 50th Birthday... so thanks to all those who have sent or about to send best wishes.

I like to thank my mum and dad for getting through the 12 foot snow drifts and letting me do what I like to do best... and now dad has gone, to mum who still says, I like what you are doing!

Also to thank all the guitar players for making life so enjoyable and adding some much new art to the world on a daily basis.

Plus all the guitar aficionados around the world, people like MichaƂ Kubicki, Guglielmo Malusardi,Kris Claerhout, Mike Blackburn and Edwin Mclean ... who keep that flame alive.

Plus a super big thanks to Mike Varney, and Jason Becker, who I was fortunate to meet just days ago and make me realise I have so much more to listen to.

Laurie Monk, with the composer Jason Becker

Mike Varney and Laurie Monk... this guy knows more about music than I've forgotten!