Todd Keehn:TK - GP-8 Eight String

TK Instruments Eight String Guitar, Built by Todd Keehn...
The instrument features:
Buckeye Burl Top & Back, Inlaid with crushed Azurite...The Pale Moon "Center Strips" (On the top & back) are trimmed in Black Ebony, and the Body Core is Black Limba...
The compound scale (fan-fret) fingerboard is also Pale Moon with Black Ebony binding & 25 Stainless steel frets, the inlay is done in human ashes (the ashes of my clients father) and the 4 circles represents the clients 4 family members locked together infinitely...The Neck is 22 year seasoned Flame Myrtle with a Pale Moon Center Strip trimmed in Black Ebony, with Buckeye Burl top & back headstock laminates... The instrument is equipped with TK Piezo Single Bridges, a CTRL-X, a pair of Bareknuckle; Rebel Yell & VH II pickups, 2 vols & 1 master tone, 3 way LP & 2 mini 3 way coil taps...
And HipShot Grip-Lock Tuners...It took just over 1 year to build this MONSTER!

Details on the background music:
I'm playing this guitar as background music to the video.
The 3 fade in/out's were all done as improvised (1st take) two handed tapping (clean/piezo/magnetic mix sounds)
These jams were recorded in "real-time" onto a JamMan Stereo Looper, through an AxeFx II...Then the loops were soloed over (using a distorted/humbucker tone) also using an Axe-Fx II... Nothing was rehearsed or prepared ahead of time, so there's some mistakes and timing issues, but it's has enough of an atonal/fusion vibe for me to say " hey, I meant to do that!!" LOL! ;-

TK Instruments GP-8 Eight String Guitar

Demoing a TK Instruments Hollow Body 8 string guitar

TK Instruments X-8