Denny Ilett: Bourbon Street Blues

The ever inspiring Denny Ilett returns to the JTC hot-seat to bring you a new bunch of grooves to practise a variety of blues ideas over. Once again he has called upon his band to record these tracks live, so that you really feel like you are sitting in with them for a jam. Bourbon Street Blues has been named as such because in New Orleans the musicians have always embraced variety, which is what Denny is inspiring you to do with this series. Each track also has a little twist to really make you think on your toes as you create your own solos.
There is a real nice blend to these blues tracks as well with a mixture of some slow blues and a couple of more up-tempo tracks as well. As ever Denny provides you with some superb playing examples over these tracks and you will be in the safe in the knowledge you can learn every single note with the accurate TAB and super high quality videos. Denny has also provided you with some bonus track notes as well to really help you dig down deep and get some variety in your blues playing!

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