Peter Blanchette,Elliot Gibbons: 11-string archguitar

When Peter Blanchette was just twenty years old he had the crazy idea of an expanded range instrument beyond a standard guitar "that sounded more like a lute, but was still a guitar." Thus was born the 11-string archguitar, custom built in 1981 by Walter Stanul. Blanchette's friend Elliot Gibbons had similar ideas and commissioned a second instrument from the same builder, but with a slightly different design.

In 2011, Blanchette received New England Public Radio Foundation's Arts and Humanities Award for outstanding individual artist.

Blanchette and Gibbons perform here inside the First Lutheran Church of Boston -- part of the "Bach Around the Clock" sun up to sun down birthday celebration event of J.S. Bach produced by Classical New England, WGBH.

Video credits:
Recording Engineer -- Antonio Oliart
Producer -- Alan McLellan, Brian McCreath
Production Assistant -- Rani Schloss
Camera/Editing -- Greg Shea
Host - Cathy Fuller
Executive Producer -- Benjamin K. Roe

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11-string archguitar